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Dental Implants

Song Periodontics & Dental Implants specializes in the latest techniques in tooth replacement using dental implants.
Dental implants are the ideal way to replace missing teeth.  Dental implants provide the foundation for your dentist to secure a new crown which is esthetic and functional.  The end result is a tooth which is very similar to the original tooth which is missing.

What to expect:

Patients who are interested in dental implants must first be evaluated to determine if they are an acceptable candidate.  There are very few limitations to who may qualify.  The primary thing determined during this evaluation is the anticipated esthetic final result.  Additionally, the amount of available bone will be determined.  If enough bone is available, Dr. Song will coordinate with your restorative dentist to determine the ideal treatment sequence.

Typical Sequence Of Treatment:

  1. Finalization and coordination of treatment plan with your restorative dentist.  A team approach is essential to an ideal final result.  Dr. Song works closely with many of the best dentists in the area to assure that the final result is what you expect.
  2. Preparatory Phase:  Extraction of any hopeless or diseased teeth.  Bone grafting will be performed if needed.  Dr. Song is very conservative and only does bone grafting when it is absolutely necessary and will enhance the final result.  Extractions are followed by three to six months of healing.  This allows the socket to heal with natural bone which can then be utilized for support of your future implant.  During this time period, many patients utilize a "flipper" (a retainer with temporary teeth) to help fill the gaps during this healing period.  This flipper does provide a nice esthetic result but is designed as a temporary appliance.  The comfort of the flipper is significantly inferior to the optimal fit and function of the final restoration when the new teeth are completed.
  3. Pre-Operatory Appointment:  When the site is prepared, Dr. Song will schedule a short pre-surgical appointment to determine if the site is adequately prepared.  At this appointment, typically additional x-rays are taken to avoid any unforeseen complications and surprises.  At this appointment, you will have an opportunity to ask Dr. Song any additional questions regarding follow-up and all necessary post-operative care.
  4. Implant Placement:  The day of implant surgery is relatively easy.  The post-operative discomfort is typically less than a routine tooth extraction.  In our office, we have very few post-operative concerns about discomfort or bleeding.  Even though an implant is being placed into bone, your bone does not have any nerve endings and there is very little post-operative discomfort.  Implants are actually are one of the easier procedures that we are able to perform.  The post-operative course is easy partially based on Dr. Song's experience in dental implants.
  5. Preparation For Crowns:  After two to three months of implant integration, Dr. Song will prepare the implant for crowns.  At this appointment, Dr. Song will check to make sure the implant has successfully integrated with the bone.  During this three to four month healing period, the bone cells around the implant will turn-over and be replaced with new bone cells.  During this healing period, the new bone cells will form a chemical bond between the bone and the implant which was placed.  If this bond forms success, you will be ready for a new tooth.  This bond successfully forms for the majority of the time.  The overall success rates are in excess of 95%.  There are many factors which effect the success rate.  The most important is experience of the implant surgeon.  After the healing period, Dr. Song will often place a small component on top of the implant which will help prepare the implant for your dentist to be able to make the final crown.
  6. Final Crown Fabrication:  At your dentist's, two weeks following Dr. Song's final preparation, you will be ready to go to your dentist.  At this appointment, your dentist will take an impression of the exact position of the implant and send this information to the laboratory.  The laboratory will fabricate a beautiful porcelain tooth with custom shading that will be a fully functional permanent restoration.

These are rough guidelines and hopefully this information has been able to give you some ideas of what is available from our office.
I look forward to seeing you to determine if you are a candidate for implants.  If you would like more information via e-mail, please email us or feel free to call our office at (425) 775-2002 and set up a consultation appointment.  Please let our office know that you found this information on our website.